What Drives Us

Aims & Objectives

ESG Malaysia is established with 13 aims & objectives comprises of our ambition to be the functioning industry body to promote and provide leadership for the development and growth of the ESG services industry in Malaysia up to forming alliance or affiliation with likeminded institutions, organisations, and societies with similar aims & objectives in promoting ESG.

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ESG MALAYSIA (PPM - 01310 - 14012022)


To be the Centre of Excellence for the development of ESG professionals and practitioners, and the ESG services industry in Malaysia.


To elevate awareness and knowledge of ESG practices and carbon emission, and enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of ESG professionals and practitioners.

General Information:

ESG Malaysia functions as the industry body to promote and provide leadership for the development and growth of the ESG services industry and adoption of ESG practices and to support the government and other governing bodies to develop and implement guidelines, frameworks and programs on ESG in Malaysia.

ESG-MY aims to be the the knowledge base and reference centre for resources in ESG and carbon emission in Malaysia, facilitate sharing and exchange of knowledge of ESG and carbon emission among different stakeholders in Malaysia as well as obtain and disseminate information on ESG and carbon mitigation to members, partners, associates and the public.

ESG-MY seeks to raise awareness among the public and other stakeholders on ESG and carbon emission through publishing media, social media, web pages, press releases, public speaking, public surveys and peer-to-peer exchanges together with compiling, publishing, printing, selling, lending, issuing, or distributing papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other literary documents on ESG and carbon emission.

ESG-MY other functions also include (1) as an independent expert to validate and verify carbon mitigation targets; (2) organize courses, training, seminars, and conferences on ESG knowledge, competency and practices; (3) Endorse and certify qualified courses and training on ESG knowledge, competency and practices; (4) Provide a platform for networking nationally and internationally on ESG and carbon emission; (5) Support and facilitate interchange with various stakeholders in ESG; and (6) Form alliance with stakeholders of similar interest in ESG.

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